We are searching for superstar developers with a passion for problem solving to take charge in implementing trading algorithms in a highly optimized framework.


Algorithmic developers comprise the front lines of our fully automated high frequency trading system with very real responsibility and impact. They work on a variety of projects within cross-functional teams to ultimately better the ways in which we engage the markets. Solid C++ knowledge and experience with software development are a must, as are creativity and a passion for problem solving. Over time, our developers are given the freedom to explore their interests to broadly improve our technology-focus business.


With high-visibility projects, competitive compensations, and a flat structure, talented developers are rewarded with a rich experience and unlimited growth potential.


What we look for:


Expertise in C++ with a focus on elegant and optimal programming.

Significant experience with software development and design patterns.

Deep interest in algorithm design, machine learning, and data structures.

Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

Comfort with communicating technical ideas on paper and aloud.

Have what it takes? Send us a note and resume at careers@townsquaretrading.com.