We are searching for superstar problem solvers to take charge in developing and implementing algorithmic strategies in a highly optimized manner.

Algorithmic developers comprise the front lines of our fully automated high frequency trading system with very real responsibility and impact. They work on a variety of projects within cross-functional teams to ultimately better the ways in which we engage the markets.


Solid C/C++ knowledge is a must, but so are creativity and a passion for problem solving. Our developers are given the freedom to explore their interests and really drive a piece of our business. Our developers come to Town Sq. aiming to have fun and to be challenged.


Please reach out if the following sounds like you:


•Proficiency in C/C++

•Knowledge of data structures and algorithms

•Understanding of statistics and good quantitative trading intuition

•Ability to work independently as well as part of a team

•Comfort with communicating technical ideas on paper and aloud



Have what it takes? Send us a note and resume at careers@townsquaretrading.com.